About Us

The Beginning

Two entrepreneurs got to talking at a retreat. As it turns out, one was a gamification expert and the other was an experienced realtor.

The gamification guy said, “what’s the worst thing about being in real estate?”

And the REALTOR replied – “that’s easy, continuing education.”

So they embarked on an adventure… to gamify continuing education! To make it fun and to fundamentally revolutionize the way people learn. The Idea was brought to the Realtor organization who embraced it and supported it. Today we are Boldly going where no professional education company has gone before.

About Us

Who we are

A team of professionals, teachers, and gamers building fun and educational CE products to save the world from ineffective lectures and multiple choice CE.



Our founders are professionals who have suffered through taking traditional CE for years. Now we strive to continually evolve CE from barely tolerable to exciting and enjoyable!



Solid education is facilitated by those with a deep understanding of the subject. Together, our teachers have over 100 years of course architecture, experience, and expertise.



We produce an interactive world where students experience real life scenarios while earning continuing education hours through a gamified simulation. We game, we learn.

Our Sole Purpose is Real Estate License Renewal


Interact CE is a Washington State based software company that was founded in 2013. The Company is located downtown Bellevue Washington and is able to draw from one of the largest pools of software and interactive talent in the world. The company founders are recognized experts in the Real Estate industry and the Gamification industry.

The company has an experienced team of developers who has worked closely with the Realtor Association and the Department of Licensing to create a learning method proven superior to traditional teaching methods. The company is singularly focused on supplying a superior method of continuing education to the Real Estate Professional.